Not to be confused with the song off of the Vintage EP, Vintage.

Released August 3, 2010
Length 21:56
Producers Brian Hardberry, Nathan Sykes, Fauna Zuckers, Kelly Flint
Label Streamline Records
Natalie Blinston chronology
HB Vintage FINAL
Singles from Vintage (EP)
  1. "Vintage"
    Released: August 2, 2010
  2. "Love"
    Released: September 3, 2010

'Vintage' is the second EP by Natalie Blinston, the EP was released shortly after Natalie's third studio album Two. The EP had two singles and all the songs were included in the One plus One Tour by Natalie and Faye Briar.


After a disagreement with the record label, Natalie wasn't allowed to have 5 songs on her second album Love Inside. So Natalie decided she wanted the songs to be released however when she couldn't put them on Two as it was a collaborational album with Faye Briar, Natalie announced that she would be releasing a small EP featuring un-released songs from Love Inside.

The album cover was made by Natalie and husband, Nathan Sykes, the used transparents of the popular social media website, Tumblr, and Natalie told Billboard that she used a 'Hipster Ariel' as she loved The Little Mermaid as a kid and wanted everyone to see that the album is a very hipster, pop, rock album by just looking at the front cover of the whole album.

The albums only two singles were Vintage and Love which were both released with music videos and charted high on the charts. The single covers all featured Natalie's dark and light side of her for the EP and wanted to describe both songs had a side to Natalie about them. As of 2015, the album has been taken off, Youtube, Spotify and iTunes as Streamline Records has deleted the whole album and will never be re-released again and both music videos for 'Vintage' and 'Love' were taken down off Vevo and Youtube.

Single CoversEdit


Old Times Sake
Going Crazy