Hi Blinstones today we have some good news and some sad news! Let's start off with Nathan Sykes and Natalie Blinston have broken up after 7 years of marriage and Natalie went on Ellen to say 'It's been good, I will miss him but obviously it was for the best I guess'. We are so sad to hear this!!! Next week Natalie will be in court TWICE! One for Nathan about who keeps the kids! And the next one is to keep the songs from Triangular Rays which brings us to our next topic!

TRIANGULAR RAYS HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN CANCELLED! Due to Natalie changing record companies from Streamline Records to 679 Artists & Atlantic Records Natalie has discarded Triangular Rays, however is getting all the songs back and some might even feature on albums in the future she said!

This new album will be coming out in 2017, and she said that that is all she can say about it, as she says that she shouldn't of told about Triangular Rays earlier because 'plans get cancelled' but she only said 'just wait for it, it will come sooner than you expected!'

She is having meetings about the album throughout the rest of this year and throughout next year. She also stated that the recording sessions will happen next year, however no singles will be released in 2016. She said it won't be just her, and Kelly writing the songs, and that's why we think it will be one of the best Natalie eras! The song writing process she said 'might happen sooner than you expect!' and we can actually see this in a photo!

Kelly Flint sneakily snapped a photo of Natalie and DJ Avicii with her NEW song writing book she got yesterday! And a list of some sort! Anyways this could hint at either a collaboration or a song writing process! But they looked so happy together and they would make the cutest couple ever!

Till Next Time Blinstones!

The NB Wiki Team

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