We have official news for you Blinstones, Natalie has officially taken down Vintage, Two and It's A Long Way, But It's Time off Spotify and iTunes! Natalie as also taken the audio versions off her Vevo from each EP and album, the Vintage music videos have been taken off, and so has Guitar and Alien. She has asked if the albums and EP does not get reuploaded. We are unknown as to why this has happened however she will announce it soon, hopefully!

UPDATE: She has officially announced that the albums are officially over and are not allowed to be mentioned. Streamline Records has officially deleted the EP and albums and will not get released ever again, and lucky me, Natalie followed me back and happily answered my question 'I run the Natalie Blinston Wiki, are we allowed to keep the pages?', Natalie replied and said 'Yes of course, all that hard work, is great, just take the picture off the main page, and no song links, I alwa\ys view the wiki, it's amazing!'

Ok so Natalie views the wiki, CRYINGGGGGG! But the albums are taken off the main page, poor Natalie, Natalie said she is so broken hearted :(

Later, Blinstones!

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