Not to be confused with the Final song, Final

Released November 19, 2011
Length 1:40:23
Producers Kelly Flint

Nathan Sykes

Brian Hardberry
Label Streamline Records
Natalie Blinston chronology
Vintage FINAL NatalieBlinstonComeAlbumCover
Singles from Final (Album)
  1. "Bitch, Please"
    Released: November 3, 2011
  2. "New York Hearted Girl"
    Released: November 11, 2011
  3. "Fantasy Fashion"
    Released: November 21, 2011
  4. "Diamond"
    Released: December 16, 2011
  5. "One Song"
    Released: January 1, 2012

'Final' is the 6th studio album by Natalie Blinston, the album sold millions worldwide, it was in the number 1 spot on Billboard for 6 weeks. The album was produced by Kelly Flint, Nathan Sykes and Brian Hardberry. The album featured some old songs from old albums, but in a revamped kind of way. The album came in a deluxe and standard edition, the standard featured 18 songs, then the next deluxe edition featuring 9 additional songs.


Natalie was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, 'I want to see want it is like having a Final album.' After her One plus One Tour ended she went into the studio and starting writing new music, she was also giving sneak peaks of a revamped Just Ignore Her song. On December, 2010, Natalie announced that Final would be her last album, as a joke. Natalie wanted to know what it felt like having a Final album.

The album came out November 19th, 2011. The album had every song as a music video however 5 songs were only picked as singles.

After the release of her first two singles Bitch, Please and New York Hearted Girl both music videos were released on November 10th, she then released Fantasy Fashion as the third single however the music video came with the album before being released on the TV Charts and YouTube, as was the same for the fourth and fifth singles Diamond and One Song.

The album came in two editions:

Standard Edition - $9.99, includes all 18 tracks, music videos for each song and a 'TRACK BY TRACK', 'PROLOGUE' and 'A THANK YOU MESSAGE'. Released November 19, 2011

Deluxe Edition - $18.99, includes all 27 tracks, an album booklet, a note from Natalie, music videos for each song, signed single covers and a 'PROLOGUE'. Released January 16, 2012.

After the singles were released, Natalie then went on to The Final Showdown Tour which went to 87 stadiums from April 2011 until Novemeber 2011.

Single CoversEdit



New York Hearted Girl
Bitch, Please
In The Stars
Just Ignore Her
For The End
Finding Lose
Fantasy Fashion
Summer Stars

Deluxe EditionEdit

Sex You
One Song

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